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BOW – Optical Fiber Band Detection


For ringing/marking control on fibre optics

Device details:

Device details:

  • Maximum controllable optical fibre speed: up to 4000 m/min.
  • Optimum control for optical fibres even below 200 microns
  • BOW – Optical Fibre Band Detection can check for: an absence of marking/rings, excess marking/rings, changes in length of marking/rings, ink stains on optical fibre
  • Intuitive Livestream of the marking in place that means an easy, effortless set-up and start-up of the line for the operator
  • Possibility of reporting the metricity in which a marking error or the absence of any ring is detected
  • Requires little training (initial operating instructions after installation take just 30 minutes)
  • Various CAQ software options can be connected to send Analysis Reports
  • The internal/external database allows the operator to call up formulas for easy configuration
  • No user influence on predefined optical focus or on the optimised, intelligent and homogeneous illumination
  • Green, yellow, orange and red warning lights signal non-compliance
  • The software offers various settings to be made at an operator level (production, administration, service, etc.)
  • Standardised individual components guarantee the safety of supply and thus a short delivery period
  • Easy connection with external devices via Ethernet IP
  • The optical hardware is protected by easily replaceable, easy-to-clean tempered glass • Easy plug-in connectors mean easy installation or transport Easy plug-in connectors mean easy installation or transport

    • The monitor’s touchscreen console can be positioned away from the device

Technical details:

Field of Application:

  • Design and study of a camera-based system for detecting marking/printing on the surface of optical fibres
  • Device designed for production lines
  • The use of an encoder is not required
  • If necessary, the device can be customised and adapted to almost any application

Quick Overview of Software:

• The grey frames change colour (green, yellow, orange, red) depending on the status of the marking for immediate recognition

  • The buttons can be activated or deactivated at the client’s request.
  • The live stream represents the marking under analysis
  • The software is owned by Lasertecno Srl
  • Customisable
  • Tallying of errors found
  • Traffic light frame around the monitor for easy viewing, even from a distance
  • Alarms, lights or buzzers that integrate with the device can also be used


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BOW – Optical Fiber Band Detection