Lasertecno SRL

Innovation, quality and customer care

These are the three foundations on which LASERTECNO has based its work for 30 years in the multiple sectors of wiring and cabling, metal, plastic, hoses, pipes and rubber. With great dedication, we work to resolve problems during our clients’ production process by providing innovative technologies for the control, analysis and measurement of industrial processes.

About Lasertecno

Lasertecno S.r.l. was founded with the intention of innovating the business landscape in the manufacturing industry in a variety of sectors: Cable, Tubing, Wire, Rubber, Steel and more.

Established over 20 years ago, Lasertecno started with the distribution of control products and dimensional quality, bringing innovative technologies to distribute throughout the national territory and beyond.

Therefore, with the help of the R&D departments, based on the requirements of our clients and thanks to innovative ideas within our own company with over 20 years of experience in the aforementioned fields, we tackle this mission in order to be able toimprove working and technological conditions, even if only in a small way..

We often take on requests to resolve common or more detailed problems,
immediately committing to ‘problem solving’, resulting in the creation of equipment using different technologies, such as optics and lasers which, combined with suitable software, are able to respond to our clients’ requests and thus solve these production issues in creating products focused on that particular field.


Headquarter Via Pasubio 5 24044
Dalmine (BG) ITALIA
Phone: +39 035 6224011